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Joke of the Month


· Call seven friends Friday night, have them all meet you at your house at 7:00 am tomorrow, sharp.

· Have your friends clean your house, and haul everything from the basement to the attic.

· After the house is clean, everyone wraps themselves from head to toe in plastic.

· All eight of you cram together in the bathtub. Point a large fan at the tub and turn the shower on cold.

· While yelling and swearing at your friends at the top of your voice, tear up £50 notes.

· Do this for six hours.

· At the end of the six hours, everyone gets out of the bathtub and walks around the house, dripping wet.

· Have all your friends clean your house again and take the stuff from the attic back to the basement, then take them all out for a drink.

· Invite them to come back next weekend and do it again.

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