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15 August 2011
Sweetheart and Junior Helm races
Weekend Cruiser racing 13th/14th August
A fine weekend of cruiser racing and eating was enjoyed by many members at Findhorn on Saturday and Sunday.
Eight boats raced for the Sweetheart Trophy on Saturday morning finishing just off the entrance of Findhorn Bay. The contrary weather conditions made a mockery of up to date weather forecasts; but a healthy sail was enjoyed with a very unusual event at the finish line. Donald Harcus skippering Eleanor and Ken Killham skippering Aloutte finished in a dead heat at the line. However Eleanor won on handicap, with Aloutte in second place twenty four seconds ahead of Dale Henderson skippering Bayard into third place.
Thirty seven members and friends enjoyed an excellent meal at Findhorn Yacht Club Saturday evening. Blocking all the entrances and then staggering out to into the Findhorn evening with the tide out and skippers wondering why some of their boats had masts pointing in very strange directions.
Sunday morning was the Junior Helm, bringing with it a dozen, eager fresh youngsters ready to show their metal. Some parents might now be thinking they have made a dreadful mistake in allowing them to helm, as quite a few of the youngsters took rather a liking to the yachts and might well be pressing parents for an upgrade...
The race was due to start at the Eastern racing mark of our own racing triangle. So a lively seven mile sail in strong winds was enjoyed to get there. As time was running out a shorter race than usual took place, in an extremely close finish the same three boats finished top again but in a different order. First was Aloutte with junior helm Christine Luthwaite; a mere three seconds behind was Bayard with Faye McInnes helming and twelve seconds later came Eleanor helmed by Ellie Pearce.
This was an excellent weekend and thanks go out to Aloutte; Amrita; Bayard; Eleanor; Hilarity; Oink; Sea Lark; Winchat and all their crews. Plus twelve junior helms which looks likely to mean at least six new yachts in the future....

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