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23 June 2010
Whiteness Weekend 26/27 June

Just a reminder regarding this weekend that both the cruisers and dinghies are scheduled to be at Whiteness. The plan for the weekend is as follows:

Saturday 26th June

Cruisers leave Nairn 10.30 am (channel 8), and muster off the buoy at Whiteness at 11.30 am ready to enter the channel. Paul will be down at Whiteness with one of the Ribs to act as a guide and he hopes to have been down on Friday evening to check out the channel at low tide. Dinghies - as advertised at 1.00 pm on Saturday - anyone who wishes to join Paul earlier in the Rib or dinghy at Whiteness leaving around 11.00 am for 11.30 am meeting with cruisers is welcome.

After the cruisers arrive we will launch the other Club Rib, and moor on the pontoon for use as a shuttle and rescue boat. There will be a team challenge - Cruisers v Dinghies (in the Optimists) -triangular course two laps. So we need four 'victims' from the Cruisers to volunteer to be racers. Dinghies finish on the water at around 4.00 pm, followed by a tidy up for a barbecue, starting around 4.30 - 5.00 pm - bring your own food and booze, there may be some games lined up.

Sunday 27th June

Cruisers leave around 11.30/12 noon for the return race to Nairn. If there is any interest in a Sunday dinghy session this would start at around 10 am finishing around 1.00 pm

Look forward to seeing you

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